Products You Need to Transport in a Refrigerated VAN

Refrigerated transport is a dire need of everyone and numerous products can be transported. Perishable items like food, dairy products, and flowers often stand out but the list is long. Temperature-sensitive products always need special conditions to be transported otherwise the items will lose their integrity and may not serve the purpose which was intended. Let’s go through the list to be more aware of the products that need special attention.

At Zorka Transport, we offer services throughout California with a specialized fleet of trailers and vans depending on the size of shipment and time frame that is required to deliver the products. The team is well equipped to handle all the transportation fuss and make sure that the products are delivered on time and quality is not compromised in any way. In the short span of time, Zorka has earned the trust of numerous customers making sure that every client’s need is catered to while preparing the shipment plan. Our expert team of drivers and maintenance crew makes sure that traffic halts don’t affect the integrity of the product and that every client receives the shipment with satisfied reviews.

1. Food

As we all know, food items require a special temperature so that they are not spoiled before reaching the destination. Our refrigerated trucks are in a temperature-controlled environment and all the food items are placed carefully to avoid any chances of damage in transit or going bad due to fluctuating temperature. The countermeasures are in place to handle any unforeseen circumstances.

2. Beverages

Beverages come second on the list and the items are mostly dairy products, wine, beer, and other refreshment drinks that can change their properties when exposed to the higher temperature. The reefer trucks have storage compartments maintained at a specific temperature so no product would go sour or bad.

3. Pharmaceuticals

Many medicines and vaccines are advised to store in a refrigerator or cool place as the properties can change due to temperature changes. These types of pharmaceuticals require special care and temperature if someone wants them to deliver. Looking at the recent pandemic, it would not be possible to roll out Covid-19 vaccination without refrigerated trucks, and similar to those, manufacturers use refrigerated shipping services to distribute the supply to local pharmacies and hospitals. These medicines cannot be handed over to any company but only the experienced ones like Zorka’s who can handle the sensitive shipments with ease.

4. Candles

This might come as a surprise but candles are delivered in temperature-controlled reefers to preserve the structure and essence. Candle manufacturers are introducing new fragrances every day and as candle wax is sensitive to temperature, it is only logical that the product reaches the customers without any compromise on its structure or two essences mixed up as one because of the high temperature.

5. Chemicals

Chemicals, solvents, or pulp need to reach the manufacturing factories as a basic ingredients for a variety of products and their properties can change in heat. To avoid that, special cargo services are required that can deliver these bulk liquids safely. Apart from chemicals, hazardous or volatile substances also require special temperatures to avoid any incident. These materials are usually flammable so the exact temperature needs to be maintained at all times.

6. Chewing Gum

This might be shocking to the majority of the readers but chewing gum can create a nightmare for the shipping companies if they are transported in regular trailers and not reefers. The product will be compromised and no one would want deformed bubble gum or the gum spewing out of the wrappers.

7. Flowers

Flowers are always in demand for multiple occasions and everyone wants their flowers all fresh and pleasant. Different types of flowers grow in different parts of the country so to enjoy roses, tulips, and lilies in one place, reefer containers come in handy.

8 Tobacco Products

Tobacco products like cigarettes have specific pack moisture to avoid irritation and smooth puffs for their consumers. In high temperatures, the cigarettes can lose moisture and tobacco can dry up ruining the taste of the cigarettes. So, temperature-controlled trailers are the ideal solution to ship the product safely to its destination


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