Zorka Transport LLC specializes in delivering multiple orders in one go so you don’t have to worry about waiting to complete one shipment. All you got to do is deliver all your orders to one place and our experienced staff will take care of the rest. We know the struggle of designating drivers after working hours and how delivering on time can turn into a hectic task. So, for hassle

free one or multiple deliveries, contact us now and we will handle your shipment with utmost care.


Zoka Transport LLC offers you the best California refrigerated transport with a top-of-the-line distribution service and advanced docking system to handle packages of all shapes and sizes. Our less-than-truckload service helps you in sending multiple orders on different sites and we can also assemble your packages from different places at one terminal for you to pick up. We handle all the hassle of mapping out the best route to pick up or deliver fragile products with fast-paced delivery. At the time of mapping routes for our drivers, we ensure that the pickup drivers of our clients get the best docking service to load the shipments and get back to the destinations within their working hours and at a quicker time.

Why are distribution services important?

Distribution service is the key element connecting buyers with their sellers and if there are flaws in the distribution, any growing business can crumble in a short time. For any delivery system to be efficient every step needs to be carefully thought and necessary precautions should be in place to avoid any mishaps. Loopholes in any system can lead to its downfall and things can get out of control and trust between buyer and seller can never be established. For vendors, losing clients after sending perfect products only flawed during pathetic distribution service is just heartbroken. For any delivery system to grow, it needs to have positive feedback from the clients who trusted them in the first place, and delivering quality service will make them your indirect marketers turning into more business opportunities. Any new client will sure look at the reviews and time of delivery before placing an order and any bad reviews will make them hesitant about trying your company for the first time. So, for your business to grow, make sure you are trusting the best California refrigerated transport who cares for your business and knows the importance of customer satisfaction. What are you waiting for? Get your appointment today with Zorka Transport LLC

How to ensure efficient Distribution service:

For a successful distribution service, every operation needs to be smooth and there are some factors that you must consider like:

Order Processing: Whenever a buyer or seller books an appointment for delivery or pickup, distribution service needs to come up with a proper plan, routing, stocking the products at one place, palletizing, and ensuring proper temperature settings for sensitive products. After getting everything done, proper monitoring to ensure products are delivered on time.

Transportation: Every customer wants to receive the product in perfect condition just like the packaging they saw online while placing an order. So, giving proper time for packaging and using the right material is important. For fragile and temperature-sensitive products, proper precautions must be taken and the product should be handled with care. Labeling the products can help the workers to identify and deliver the packages to the right place. California refrigerated transport needs to have variable temperature settings to accommodate all the products with different temperature requirements. Bill of lading authenticates the content of packages and depicts the professionalism of any distribution service.

Inventory Management: Distribution without a stable inventory level would lose the interest of customers when they can’t find the products they are looking for. To meet the demand of every customer, a good stock level and optimal location for replenishment is required. Distributions with proper storage space and a good system to replenish goods at multiple locations are destined to thrive.

Track and Trace: Transparency is the key in any business and with distribution, it’s just the same. An effective tracking system will allow both customers and manufacturers to have a close eye on the delivery schedule and they can track their respective packages online to estimate the time of arrival. Any deviation from plans can be taken up with distribution service and things can be sorted without escalation.

Supply-chain and Logistics: A strong logistics team and system will free both company and customers from worrying about the best route and fast-paced deliveries. The team will make the plans and proper route mapping so the drivers can deliver products in a sequence and for larger orders, they plan proper loading and unloading docks so the products are not damaged. A flexible logistics system will allow the company to grow and tackle unforeseen events with proper plans


Distribution services are essential for any business to grow and without them, no business can grow exponentially and they will struggle to retain permanent clients. The competitive market won’t allow you to get back on your feet after messing up one client. So, before getting into business, always make sure that the distribution service you are choosing knows how to handle business and their reputation is validated by organic clients. You can invest all your time to craft a unique product and your marketing team can come up with trending strategies to expand your business. However, if you are messing up the distribution service then all the hard work will be wasted.

For best California refrigerated transport, Zorka is there to help with top-of-the-line refrigeration system, proper logistics team, loading and unloading docks, collection centers, trained drivers, and most important of all, understanding the need of the customers. Our team is working round the clock and our drivers are experienced and trained to handle the fragile products and deliver them safely to their destination. From pickup to delivery, both shipment and temperature are monitored and contingencies are placed if any primary system fails to ensure your products are delivered on time with 100% integrity








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