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Refrigerated Van Couriers in California

You might be wondering what refrigerated van transport means? To put it simply, moving refrigerators is the optimal answer to the question. ZORKA Transport offers a 24/7 refrigerated delivery service throughout California. Anything from shipping cold food to extra-sensitive lab specimens, Zorka can handle everything. Our services are specially designed to enable you to choose the time and date of your convenience and we will deliver the products to the desired address the very next day. All the products will be kept at the perfect temperature and they will be delivered to the desired doorstep perfectly chilled or frozen. All quantities are deliverable, so don’t hesitate even if it’s a small product. 

How Does a Refrigerated Van Work?

Just like your household refrigerators, refrigerated vans are designed to store food, chemicals, and bio-agents at freezing temperatures. There are two vital parts, one is the insulation element and the other one is the refrigeration. The insulation prevents the heat from entering the van and disturbing the low temperature maintained by the refrigeration. If heat is penetrating the van in any way then the integrity of the product can be compromised. Polymer foams are widely used as insulators. Air bubbles created by polymer foam prevent the heat of the engine and atmosphere from entering the van. The refrigeration maintains the low temperature and specialized transportation services are provided for sensitive products.

The refrigeration element is made up of three major parts: a condenser, a compressor, and an evaporator. The heat inside the van is contained by the condenser, compressed, and converted into a high-pressure gas. The evaporator then pushes outside air through the glass and cools it. The gas condenses and returns to the condenser to remove more heat. The operation is repeated until the temperature is reduced to the appropriate level.

All of these components work together to guarantee that heat is removed from the van’s refrigerated compartment. This simple yet very efficient method allows a refrigerated delivery van to deliver your goods safely even when it is hot outside and the vehicle engine generates additional heat.

How Are Refrigerated Vans Powered?

Unlike residential refrigerators, which must be hooked into a power source, refrigerated vans contain a technology that allows them to use the engine’s power. This device keeps the products cool by powering the refrigerated section of the van.

The engine produces enough power to complete all of the deliveries for the day. Refrigerated vans, on the other hand, that must be parked on the site for several hours may require the use of extra power generators.

How Cold Are Refrigerated Vans?

The answer to this question depends on the product that is to be delivered. Every product has different storage conditions and the refrigerated cargo transportation can manage the temperatures within the range of -112° F to 39° F. If the products do not require extremely cold temperatures, then the temperature can be adjusted as well. The frozen trucking company can adjust the temperature as per the need of the customer so the product is delivered safe and sound

What Are Refrigerated Vans Used To Transport?

Refrigerated vehicles may transport a variety of products that must be kept at precise temperatures. Among these items are:

  • Frozen food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Fresh meat and dairy products
  • Catering

What Are The Benefits of Using a Refrigerated Van Courier?

There are various advantages to utilizing frozen food courier service for your deliveries. Refrigerated vehicles are capable of transporting perishable commodities across great distances.

The temperature of the refrigerated truck can be adjusted to accommodate the delicate nature of the goods being transported. If you’re carrying flowers or fresh veggies, you want to make sure they arrive in pristine shape. Refrigerated vans keep these supplies safe from damage.

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