Fresh Flower Transport Solutions by Zorka Transport

Zorka Transport excels in refrigerated transportation and is poised to be an integral part of your fresh-cut flower delivery solution. Handling all logistical nuances, we offer top-notch service. Contact us today to schedule your shipping needs.


Zorka Transport specializes in the bulk shipping and transportation of fresh-cut flowers. We possess expertise in identifying and resolving logistical challenges associated with the movement of live plants and freshly cut blooms. Tailored for flower farmers, florists, and businesses centered around greenery, our reliable fresh-cut flower shipping services span every point along the perishables supply chain.

Throughout the entire fresh flowers delivery process, our cutting-edge transportation methods and temperature control ensure that plants remain undamaged, preserving their fresh appearance.

Handling a diverse range of flowers, including exotic varieties, is made possible by our skilled and experienced staff strategically placed at key points within the supply chain. Our transportation solutions are designed to facilitate nationwide live plant handling and expedited fresh flower transportation, mitigating risks and sustaining freshness.


Zorka Transport is dedicated to offering comprehensive and cost-effective fresh-cut flower delivery services. We provide free transportation quotes to clients, enabling them to plan their budgets more effectively. To inquire about the shipping price for your delivery, visit our truck map, input your information, and one of our specialists will furnish you with a quote within 15 minutes. Additionally, feel free to reach out to us via phone for a consultation or to discuss your upcoming delivery.


Transportation plays a pivotal role in the delivery of fresh-cut flowers, heavily reliant on factors such as time, temperature, and humidity conditions. Recognizing this, Reefer Van Network has devoted considerable attention to perfecting this service. Our transportation infrastructure, coupled with our extensive collective experience, is what we believe sets us apart from the competition and serves as a cornerstone of our competitive advantage.


Elevate your business with Zorka Transport, offering tailored transportation solutions in California. Our dedicated fleets ensure dependable and versatile services, specializing in temperature-controlled shipping, delicate cargo handling, and efficient out-of-route shipments. Benefit from advanced tracking, secure handling, and extensive coverage. Partner with us for safety, efficiency, and on-time delivery excellence.


Streamline your shipping with Consolidation Services at Zorka Transport in California. We optimize cargo efficiency, combining shipments for cost-effective and eco-friendly transportation. Benefit from reduced transit times and enhanced logistics, ensuring a seamless and economical solution for your freight needs. Elevate your shipping strategy with our consolidation services today.


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