Insulated Vans

Insulated reefer vans are our best option to transfer small to medium weight following all DOT GWVR – less than 10000lb. Our Ford vans are temperature-controlled allowing your shipment to reach the destination without compromising the quality of the product. We, at Zorka, have versatile insulated vans options ranging from full-load to high-roof vans catering to the need for different sizes of pallets. Temperature-sensitive items like flowers, medicines, groceries and dairy products are ideal to be transported via refrigerated vans. For customers looking for fresh and organic items can receive their desired product in no time and the quality of the product will be as good as fresh out of organic gardens and farmer’s markets. The payloads which  too small for a full truck load are easily adjusted in compact vans and the ideal vehicle will be economical as compared to renting out the full truck. Compact vans may hold a smaller load and the height of the pallet might be less than the ideal pallet, but for customers seeking less truck size, then these vans are just perfect.

Compact Vans

Mid-and High-Roof

Full-Size Refrigerated

Full-Freezer Van

Refrigerated Transportation

Zorka’s has proven time and time again that they are one of the best-refrigerated transportation companies and our track record compliments our claims. Our customers from around the state have used our services multiple times and never found lapses in the facilities and on-time deliveries. We take our job very seriously and ensure that product is delivered safely and in perfect condition. Our clients are relying on our expertise to handle their precious cargo and we are always up to the challenge to deliver the best results. Our customers enjoy:

  • Latest technical equipment and reliable temperature-controlling systems for maximum protection, maintaining below-freezing temperatures, and transparent supply-chain operations
  • Our clients can place customized orders and our CSR team will help in customizing the plan that suits all the needs and offer our expertise in dealing with reefer freights.
  • Our staff is skilled and trained for their jobs. Our departments: CSR, logistics, and drivers are all trained to enhance the customer experience and deliver the product on the time and all the time.
  • When it comes to the refrigerated-van fleet, Zorka is the name that you can trust and depend on. We got the best of the best equipment and operators to handle routine operations seamlessly. Our customized plans and variety of refrigerated truck services allow our customers to enjoy budget-friendly rates.
  • We have planned out maintenance and timely upgrades so customers can enjoy on-time deliveries with minimal chances of vehicle breakdown. In case of emergencies, we have backup plans to ensure customers’ needs are met at all costs.

Transparent Tracking at all times:

Along with experienced staff, we invest handsomely in the technologies so the clients can keep track of their shipments at all times. From ordering to delivering the product, our client can keep a close watch on the journey. From regulating temperatures, speed, and routing, everything is transparent and accessible to the client. Technologies like EDI and QUALCOMM, drivers, and clients are always in sync and customer can get all the necessary documents like Invoices, Dispatch notes, shipment acceptance reports, and bills of lading on demand.

Logistics Division

You can have a pool of vehicles providing truck refrigeration service and experienced staff but without smooth logistics division, you are bound to fail. Zorka’s logistics division is always hustling to map out the perfect route that is shortest and safe. We have a web network across states allowing our vehicles to move on the best possible route. Along with transportation mapping, the logistics team also deals with preparing full-truck load so multiple shipments going to the same destination can be accommodated in one reefer freight eliminating extra time and charges to book new consignment.

Safety First

Along with timely deliveries, Zorka Transport LLC focuses on following all the rules and guidelines laid down by FDA to handle perishable, volatile, and food-grade products. So, if you are wondering whether we are up for the task of timely deliveries then you are on the right course. We aim to match all the challenges thrown our way by the client without compromising the safety and integrity of the products. Our employees are tested regularly and the working environment is employee friendly, so the drivers are always in the best mental condition to transport goods across long distances.

Our large automobile fleet is only the individuals who drive them. Experienced station managers and fully-trained, good drivers deliver the industry’s highest service and quality. Yes, we can provide what you require when you require it.

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