Temperature Control Shipping Services

Temperature Control Shipping Services

If you are looking for frozen or chilled transportation, temperature control shipping services can serve the purpose perfectly. At Zorka, we have a highly skilled team of professionals who can handle below-temperature transportation with utmost care. Our logistics team, drivers, and quality assurance team ensure that all the regulatory compliances are met along with safe and secure delivery.

Temperature Control

Zorka transport specializes in transporting temperature-controlled cargo with a swift delivery service. We understand the importance of sensitive products and ensure that the product is monitored at all times. All the contingencies are in place if any of the main controls fail. Temperature-controlled cargo requires care and specialty that normal delivery services cannot handle. Refrigerated equipment is of top-notch quality and perfect temperature is maintained at all times to deliver your product with 100% integrity and in perfect condition. Pharmaceuticals, chemical, and hazardous substances require timely monitoring and maintenance of temperature so the product is completely safe and no external element impacts the integrity of the product.

Our services

  • Proper airflow so the temperature is in control at all times
  • Our professional team analyzes your requirements and offers you the best solution to save you time and money and genuinely guides you through the process.
  • Our skilled staff is always ready to handle your products professionally.
  • Our quality team ensures the right temperature of trailer and product before loading for safe delivery

Temperature-controlled shipping guarantees that the perishable goods are kept at the standard temperature mentioned in COAs from loading onto the reefers to delivering at the doorstep of the receiver. Fresh products like fruits, vegetables, flowers, and medications are kept at freezing temperatures to avoid degradation. The first experience of transporting anything via temperature-controlled LTL can be confusing and exhausting. Choosing an experienced company like Zorka will take that burden off your shoulders. Let us make all the viable plans for you to choose from and make your first experience less tense and trouble-free.

Temperature-controlled shipping and its limitations

There are certain limitations to any procedure or service and understanding them will help you make an informed decision. Starting with the capacity, reefer containers will have less capacity as compared to regular frights. With all the insulation and temperature controlling equipment, the space that you will be getting for the goods will be reduced. Although temperature-controlled LTL companies have a strong logistics network and proper route planning for smooth delivery but any reason if the reefer gets stuck in traffic then scorching heat can take its toll on the reefer. In that situation, if the reefer is not on the route quickly then the integrity of the product can be compromised. Knowing the limitations of frozen frights, you can make preventive decisions to avoid such scenarios and countermeasures can be deployed for safe delivery. Experienced shipping companies can get you covered to avoid those kinds of situations and the goods are delivered in their original condition.

Knowing the rules and regulations of Frozen Shipping

There are shipping regulations while transporting sensitive goods like pharmaceuticals, tests, specimens, or any biological material that need to be shipped. FDA and DEA regulations bound the companies and clients to follow all the SOPs and legal requirements before initiating the shipment procedure. So getting know-how regarding the rules and regulations to avoid any hassle and companies should be aware of them too to handle customer’s goods safely.

If you are shipping pharmaceuticals, medical tests or specimens, or other biological material, these items generally have stricter shipping regulations. A lot of these items will fall under stringent FDA and DEA regulations and requirements. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with a few of these before proceeding with packaging your customer’s goods. The rules and regulations of every state are different and different regulatory authorities can have the final say with cold-chain compliance. So, to get out of this tricky situation, both client and company should know about the hard rules of the states in which they are intending to move the product. With little research, you can know about the federal regulations and ensure all the legal criteria are met before the shipment is booked.

Always go with a reliable and trusted carrier

Temperature-controlled shipping is not a cup of tea for anyone. Any amateur can never start a cold-shipping company from the scratch and even if they do so, the results will never be favorable for the clients. Some people might think that choosing a company with a good reputation is not important as long as they have the reefers and offer you an optimal price. In reality, choosing an established and reputed company is a pivotal role in the safe delivery of your product to the consumers. You don’t want to lose the trust of your customers so a fair amount of research should go in before hiring any company

For starters, always bombard the companies with questions so the doubts are cleared on the spot. Are they using reefers or cold refrigerated boxes? Are they following all legal and regulatory protocols while delivering the product? Do the staff know how to handle temperature-maintaining equipment and the equipment is capable of handling extremely low temperatures? Can you ship multiple goods in the same freight? Do they offer pickup services? Experienced companies will have all the right answers and will walk you through the procedure from start to very end so all your ambiguities are cleared. If you feel comfortable with all the answers, then you can feel the burden lifted off and you can make a sane decision while choosing the company.

Final thoughts

If you can link up with an experienced LTL Carrier Company, then temperature-controlled shipping is not a difficult task. Zorka transport has a dedicated team to answer all your questions and make perfect plans so you don’t have to think about anything. All the legwork is done by professionals and the perfect plan is crafted for you to ensure your product is delivered and your customers are always satisfied with the delivery.

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