Refrigerated Van Shipping

Refrigerated freight shipping delivery vans have a cooling system that helps in transporting temperature sensitive products from one place to another.

Refrigerated van transport is the next big thing in the trading world. Perishable or temperature-sensitive products can be transported from one part of the world to the other. The producers of those goods can easily manage business across the globe. In refrigerated freight shipping cargo vans, a cooling mechanism is installed that can be adjusted as per the need of the product to be transported with complete integrity. Any goods or products whose integrity can be compromised during transit come under the umbrella of perishable goods.  To clarify, we have meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, dairy products, and medicines. All these products can be rendered useless if exposed to high temperatures and the life of products can be reduced significantly. Temperature can vary from product to product and of course, not all products can be transported in the same container. The purpose of maintaining the life of food is achieved by proper separation and temperature-controlled atmosphere.

There are two types of refrigerated cargo: chilled cargo and frozen cargo. Fruits, vegetables, and dairy products are among the chilled cargo items. These products are cooled to the required temperature to keep them fresh until they reach the market. Because minute tolerances are required to maintain the correct temperature, chilled products necessitate sophisticated, expensive monitoring devices. If the temperature is too low, the product will freeze and spoil. If the temperature is too high, the product will ripen and deteriorate. As a result, controlled environment technology allows items’ shelf lives to be greatly prolonged. Frozen freight primarily comprises of transportable meat and fish. Temperature tolerances are reduced since tiny temperature variations have less of an impact on quality.

Refrigerated vans are either ice-cooled or have mechanical refrigeration systems. These vans also use carbon dioxide as a cooling agent, either as coolant or in liquid form. Alternatively, they use liquid nitrogen as a cooling agent. When the temperature inside the van exceeds a certain threshold, a sprinkle of liquefied nitrogen is released. Each van can transport up to 1,350 kg of refrigerant and maintain a temperature of -10°F. The vans’ bodies are built of aluminum, which boosts longevity and corrosion resistance while mitigating the greater initial cost.

Major trends influencing shipping sectors frequently have an impact on this section of freight transportation. The first issue is growing fuel expenses, and the second is port security, which includes transportation workers’ identity credentials. The shipping of chilled goods is a big industry that has seen consistent growth in recent years. Longer-term commercial development in the shipping sector will offer sufficient refrigerated goods transportation if effective utilization is increased through more economical pricing and spacing solutions.

When to use our Refrigerated transportation

Zorka Transport specializes in transporting temperature-sensitive products from one place to another. The containers are engineered to handle extreme temperatures while protecting the integrity of the products. Our team picks the product from your doorstep or facility and with our reefers, your product will reach its destination safe and sound. The Industrial and food sector can now transport perishable or temperature-sensitive products with a sophisticated supply-chain system ensuring timely delivery. Zorka’s team guides you from start till the end to boost the customer-client relationship and you will have complete visibility in terms of Zorka’s logistics and condition of the container. If you are looking for Reefer Van Los Angeles or refrigerated VAN California services, then Zorka transport has got you covered.

Seasonal products can now reach their potential market without any troubles and fresh products can be acquired by local customers. Zorka’s transport figures out all the storage and capacity planning so you don’t have to worry about anything and you can just sit back and relax. The refrigerated containers are under monitoring 24/7 and regular updates are rolled out for the stakeholders. Sometimes, stakeholders can get nervous due to time-sensitive products or the products that are about to expire. With proper tracking, everything can be tracked and you can check whether the delivery is on schedule or not. The temperature of the products can vary as every product have different storage condition. Zorka transport ensures that proper temperature is allotted to the product and the product is kept in perfect condition.

The world’s demand for perishable goods is increasing drastically.

Reefer or temperature-controlled containers changed the dynamics of sea freight. Refrigerated freight allowed the ships to transport tropical fruits, seafood, and vegetables across the world. A huge junk of transportation was gained back by sea fright from air freight. Fruits are kept in a specially designed container with proper atmosphere and temperature prolonging the ripening process and fresh fruit can reach the market in every corner of the world. From transporting the goods to reaching the customer, the product had to cross various paths. So, these shipping companies have a proper network and supply chain that allows the product to reach its product in perfect form. From refrigerated cargo transportation to refrigerated storage facilities, everything gets approved after proper knowledge. From storage facilities, temperature-controlled vans deliver the products to their end destination and a cycle of safe refrigerated cargo transportation is complete.

There are two ways refrigerated foods are transported by sea:

  • First is reefer ships that are kept in the refrigerated part of the ships. Reefer ships are no-bulk refrigerated cargo
  • Reefers are complete containers.


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