Frozen Biological & Cryogenic

Why Choose Zorka’s for Cryogenic Transportation Services?

Zorka Transport knows the importance of delivering every product with intensive care and timeliness. Not all products can be transported following the same routine and some need extra attention and precaution. Biological samples and specimens must be stored at ultra-low temperatures, so the integrity is not compromised at any point. Our temperature-controlled vans are specifically designed and engineered to maintain extremely low temperatures at all points. Every specimen, chemical, or bio-agent has a different temperature range. Our refrigerated freight solution can handle temperatures within the range of -10° F to 39° F. Our impeccable delivery service and positive feedback from our customers can help you make an easy decision on choosing Zorka as your freight partner. A highly trained and experienced team in support of one of the finest logistics operations will make sure that sensitive scientific products, temperature-sensitive food products, and chemicals are delivered with 100% integrity. 

Unique Transportation Solutions for Frozen Biological Materials

Zorka Transport specializes in transporting any scientific equipment, specimen, or complete lab work that needs extra care and attention. Our advanced solutions enable refrigerated VAN a reality with specially designed cryogenic chambers, specific refrigerators for different temperature ranges, and keeping the biological equipment running from the start to the end of complete reallocation. Our staff is completely reliable and trained to handle equipment at freezing temperatures. Laced with advanced technology and technically sound staff, we ensure that the customer’s project will be moved from one location to another with utmost safety and care.

Our specialty trailers have the following capabilities:

  • Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems are up and running at all times.
  • Steady 200 Amp and 110/220 Volt power to keep the equipment running
  • Backup fueled generators are placed to combat any contingency.
  • Transfer Switch to shift to backup power in case of failure
  • Climate units maintain the temperature and store the products at a consistent temperature.
  • 4,400-lb Self-Leveling 8’x8′ Lift Gates
  • Backup freezers with temperatures ranging from -10° F to 39° F to handle any unforeseen scenarios
  • External backup power available
  • US Department of Transportation Special Permits:
    • Hazardous Materials (49 CFR §172.101)
    • Infectious Substance (Animal) Class 6.2 & (Human) Class 6.2
    • Biological Substance, Category B* Class 6.2

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