Ford Transit 150 Mid Roof Full-Freezer Van

Among all the different types of refrigerated vans, full-freezer vans, true to their name, allow for the most significant freezing. They share many of the same features as the semi-freezer vans, but with at least one added dimension: thicker, heat-resistant doors and sidewalls. This lessens how much the inside of the cargo area heats up due to conduction from the sun’s rays on the metal exterior.

75-millimeter insulation in the cargo area with special features that include reverse cycle defrost or hot gas defrost. However, it also has supported side and back entryways or doors and can keep items frozen as low as – 20°F.

FORD Transit T-150 RefrigeratorVAN(freezer) Medium Roof  Full-Freezer Van

INSIDE DIMS: 115″x46″x41″


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