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Less-Than-Truckload Shipping (Reefer LTL)

Less-Than-Truckload or Reefer LTL is the perfect solution for those who don’t want a full container load. For custom refrigerated shipping, LTL refrigerated trucking provides a custom solution to temperature-sensitive goods. Your shipment will be consolidated with other goods and you can avoid a heavy dent on the pocket and get your shipment transported from one place to another. Our refrigerated trucks have the most advanced cooling mechanism that can handle extreme temperature and are driven by skilled drivers who knows the importance of safe delivery and customer support to guide you from placing the order to safely delivering the goods. 

Refrigerated LTL Freight is Multipurpose

We proudly offer shipping solutions for freshly produced tropical fruits, dairy, meat, medicines, frozen items, wine, or any other product that needs low temperature to be transported from one stop to the other. Customers can check with Zorka’s customer services regarding the FAQs like how to book the cargo, delivery time, and storage conditions according to the products that need to be shipped. Cargo can be compartmentalized if there are items that need different storage conditions so that the integrity of the product is never compromised.

What Are Refrigerated Shipments? 

Refrigerated shipments are just like the regular truck but the temperature inside the container is controlled and external components cannot affect the product. Walls are insulated and sealed with premium quality seals. On top of that, the roof is coated with a reflective layer that can absorb the sun’s rays. All the contingencies protect the items and perishable goods from getting damaged. The trucks are perfectly capable of maintaining extremely low temperatures and the goods are stored in perfect condition. Refrigerated LTL Carrier often contains perishable goods. Perishable goods are those products that can be damaged if exposed to certain conditions. The food items can go bad if exposed to direct sunlight or extreme heat. Pharmaceutical companies often use Refer LTL services to safely transport medicines, IVs, and other chemicals that need specific storage conditions. Sensitive goods cannot be transported in conventional ways so refrigerated trucking is the alternative and the perfect way to ship the products. 

Why Use A Refrigerated LTL Carrier? 

Zorka specializes in LTL shipments. Whether you require a full truckload or trailer filled with multiple contents, Zorka got you covered. All kinds of businesses can be benefited because different companies can send their shipments in one load and goods can reach the destination at a faster pace. Small quantities of temperature-sensitive goods and food products can take advantage of less than truckload refrigerated shipping as they can’t wait to accumulate a full truckload of shipping fresh produce and ship them in one go. So sending small batches of goods is more viable than waiting for complete shipment. Zorka’s customer service regarding LTL services is agile, fast, and completely trustworthy. Customer service plays a vital role when dealing with sensitive freights who require specific instructions regarding temperature settings. LTL shipping is specifically complex as managing different shipments with variable temperature settings and keeping the track of every item. So, if you are booking any consignment, just make sure the company has enough experience. Zorka transport has managed to build its reputation in the Temperature-Controlled refrigerated VAN industry. 

Challenges you can face with Refrigerated Shipping:

As you are trusting sensitive and costly freight with shipping companies so there are risks linked with it. If the company is not experienced enough then you might suffer monetary and item loss. 


Time is critical when it comes to refrigerated shipping. Items can be categorized depending on the life of the product and need to be delivered quickly imposing pressure on the company and drivers. Reefers have to face another issue due to their high demand among the pharmaceutical and perishable food sectors. Usually, reefers are driven on weekends crippling the companies to not send out fresh produce daily. Dry trucks can be rolled out daily but the integrity of the product will be compromised which can hurt your business. 


Refrigerated shipping cost more than usual freight services as special care and equipment are placed just to make sure the products are in perfect condition and delivered on time. Cost may increase if the products need to be delivered more quickly than the usual timeline. 


If the LTL service is not experienced enough, they might not take care of your product as required according to temperature ranges. If you are looking for examples, dairy and meat cannot be delivered in the same reefer as it may foul the taste of dairy products and the scent of meat can get mixed with the dairy. The same goes for fish and medicines as the integrity of medicines and different temperature ranges of both products won’t allow them to be transported in the same reefer. As the products need to be delivered at specific temperature ranges, LTL carriers are bound with temperature constraints and regulatory issues can arise as well if certain laws are not upheld by the company. The negligence can lead to hefty damages for clients. So whenever you are choosing a Temperature-Controlled refrigerated truck, make sure the company is experienced enough or the reputation of the organization is backed by actual customers and organic reviews. This can help in the safe transportation of your vital products

Factors that determine LTL shipping rates.

  • Location: Location and distance play a major role in determining the cost of LTL shipping. 
  • Dimensions: After considering the location, freight size, weight, and dimensions are the next factors in determining the rates 
  • Mode: If you are looking for a quicker delivery, it can be managed with additional cost.
  • Type: Type of shipment is important as perishable, delicate, or hazardous need extra care and special equipment to be delivered safely which can result in elevated cost. 

What factors you should consider while choosing a refrigerated LTL Company?

  1. Refrigeration needs are important. Requirements for every product can vary. You should know what minimum temperature is required to deliver the product safely. Certificate of Analysis can help in checking the optimal temperature. You can get the idea of whether the product needs to be delivered completely frozen or chilling it would be enough. Next is whether the product can be delivered with other goods or separate compartment is essential to maintain the integrity of the product?
  2. Experienced and skilled LTL Company is the ideal choice. While choosing refrigerated cargo services, make sure that the company has trucks with optimal temperature settings and the staff is experienced enough to handle your critical products. Trying out inexperienced companies to save a few bucks can cost you compromised products.
  3. Ask what services they offer. Before booking the consignment, make sure you know about all the services that the company can offer. Services like live location and remotely controllable temperature so the temperature can be adjusted from anywhere if you ever feel like the product can be damaged during transit. You can track the shipment and make suitable unloading adjustments at the delivery point if you have all the necessary information.
  4. Ask for their regulatory processes. If you want to transport medicines or pharmaceuticals or any other hazardous material, make sure the company is well equipped with shipping sensitive products. Always ask questions regarding FDA regulations and HACCP accreditation so you can relax that the company can handle your precious cargo without breaking any laws or damaging the product.
  5. Inquire about their loading and unloading processes. Unloading can become a challenge if the company doesn’t have the necessary equipment like a liftgate. Shipment can be loaded at their local terminals but delivering it safely to their destination is another thing. Just ask all the right questions before loading the consignment so you don’t have to stress out until the product is delivered safely.
  6.  Get a cost estimate. The majority of LTL companies have plans and ranges so you can get a rough idea regarding the charges. Factors like temperature requirement, material, timeline, and dimensions are responsible for estimating the cost. Before booking any company, get a cost estimate so you will know exactly what the shipment is going to cost you.

Preparing LTL shipments.

  • Dimensions: Dimensions are important and measuring the shipment perfectly to the last inch is vital. With LTL, there is more than one shipment so the carrier can plan the space exactly so the product can be delivered without any damages. If the dimension isn’t correct, you might have to pay for the adjustment fees and hassle that would go into adjusting the shipment with the wrong dimensions.
  •  Documentation: With full truckload and even with LTL, the bill of lading is the proof regarding the content of the consignment and the place of delivery. When the consignment is delivered at the desired location, the same bill would act as a good receipt and content can be verified against the list to make sure everything is in order.
  •  Packaging and labeling: Packaging and labeling should be done by Carrier Company. All you need to do is label anything if it’s fragile or needs extra care. During normal shipments, products are carefully stacked onto a pallet and then shrink-wrapped to protect the goods. Heavy pallets are placed first and if another pallet can be stacked up, then a lightweight pallet is placed above so both shipments can reach their destination without any wear and tear.

More Shipping Services that LTL can provide.

  • Expedited: If the shipment or the product is urgent and you can’t wait for the standard time of delivery, you can go with a swift delivery service. The charges are a little higher than the standard but your product will reach in time.
  • Liftgate: Liftgate became vitally important when the receiver doesn’t have any docking facility and the consignment is heavy or more than 100 pounds. LTL carrier companies will make sure that the product is delivered safe and sound.
  • Limited access: With experienced LTL companies, no location is impossible. Experienced drivers and a well-structured supply-chain network allow the customers to send products to places with limited access like rural areas and construction sites.
  • Inside pickup and delivery: The consignment can be picked up from inside the building and delivered just the same. All the client has to do is ask for the service so the LTL company would know what services the client is accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding LTL.

  • How does it work?  To understand LTL in simple words, let’s take an example of the hub and spoke model. You can drop your shipments at terminals near you which work as spoken and a large distribution center will be the hub and from there, your products are distributed.
  • Are LTL and FTL are same? There is not a major in both. However, FTL is a consignment or shipment with a full truckload of goods while LTL has small different shipments. Small shipments can be from different customers or different goods from the same customers that require different temperature settings.
  • Should I ship a parcel or LTL? It depends on the size of the parcel and guidelines regarding the temperature requirements. Parcels are a little cheaper than LTL but there are high chances of products getting ruined due to no temperature control. Going with an experienced LTL service like Zorka’s would be an ideal choice for temperature-sensitive products


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