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Medical Equipment Transport by Zorka Transport | Trusted Healthcare Shipping Services When your healthcare facility needs a dependable medical equipment transporter, Zorka Transport is the reliable healthcare shipping company you can count on. Our expertise in handling sensitive freight ensures secure and efficient delivery. Click the button below to view available trucks in your area.


Transporting medical equipment goes beyond standard logistics; it demands skill, finesse, and specialized equipment to ensure the safety of the cargo. At Zorka Transport, we recognize the critical nature of healthcare shipping, emphasizing both safety and timeliness.

Zorka Transport adheres to a stringent protocol to securely transport your valuable medical equipment. Our team of skilled medical equipment shipping specialists handles even the most sophisticated and sensitive equipment with expertise. You can confidently trust our team to transport your medical supplies with utmost care and precision.


Curious about the cost of healthcare shipping? Our specialists are prepared to offer you free quotes. The accuracy of the quote depends on the details you provide, including the type of medical equipment, its weight, dimensions, and the origin and destination. Once your information is processed, a team member will furnish you with a quote. Visit our website or reach out by phone to ask any additional questions – we’re always ready to assist you.


The repercussions of damaged or delayed equipment are considerably more severe in medical shipments than in regular deliveries. Zorka Transport understands the critical importance of safely and punctually transporting medical equipment and instruments.
Our drivers recognize the necessity for a high level of care and safety when providing medical equipment delivery services. Specializing in the swift and secure movement of delicate items, they ensure the utmost caution. Contact us to request a quote or obtain more information about our medical equipment delivery services.


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