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Discover Zorka Transport’s frozen food delivery service, your go-to refrigerated food shipping company for businesses and individuals. Benefit from our competitive solutions and rely on us as your trusted refrigerated food delivery partner. Contact us now to arrange a pick-up and experience the convenience firsthand.

Frozen Food Shipping

  In the realm of frozen food shipping, meeting the demands of food chains and grocery stores nationwide is crucial. While larger businesses may have their own fleets or engage with prominent carriers, what about those smaller enterprises in need of top-notch frozen food shipping

Enter Zorka Transport, specializing in tailored refrigerated food delivery services. Our solutions cater to small businesses, ensuring their essential goods reach the right temperature and destination punctually. Leveraging compact vehicles such as vans and box trucks, we provide the right transportation at the right price.

Our frozen delivery services are the result of meticulous care and research, ensuring your frozen goods adhere to your unique requirements during transportation. Backed by experienced drivers equipped with the necessary tools and a commitment to safety regulations, we maintain the highest standards across every aspect of our frozen food delivery service. Trust us to uphold excellence in delivering your frozen goods reliably and safely.

Refrigerated Food Shipping Cost

The cost of refrigerated food shipping is determined by various factors, much like other types of delivery services. When scheduling your shipment, we require comprehensive details about your cargo, including its weight, dimensions, and intended destination.

Our specialists will then assess the transportation costs based on the information provided. For a complimentary reefer quote, visit our website and complete the “Find a Truck” form. Alternatively, you can directly reach out to us to discuss the specifics with one of our representatives. We’re here to streamline the process and provide you with accurate and transparent information regarding the cost of your refrigerated food shipping.

Refrigerated Food Shipping Cost


Delivering excellence in frozen food shipping, our extensive network of refrigerated vehicles ensures top-notch services. To be part of our fleet, each vehicle must meet our stringent standards and install the requisite equipment, guaranteeing the quality and reliability expected when driving for us.


Perishable items such as dairy products or pre-cooked meals may not necessitate freezing temperatures, but they do require specific conditions to prevent spoilage during shipping. Our services include the provision of food-grade vehicles, ensuring a controlled environment that meets the necessary temperature requirements for your perishable goods at all times.


Seafood, with its diverse nature, demands special attention during transportation. Zorka Transport provides tailored frozen delivery solutions designed for various types of seafood. Consult with our experienced team members to discuss your specific requirements, and they will assist in selecting the most suitable vehicle and service to meet your needs.


Perishable items, such as dairy products or pre-cooked meals, don’t necessarily need freezing temperatures but do require precise conditions to prevent spoilage during shipping. Our solution includes offering a food-grade vehicle that ensures an optimal environment for your perishable goods, safeguarding them throughout the entire shipping process.


Maintaining the freshness of your fruits and vegetables is a priority for everyone. With Zorka Transport’s frozen fruits and vegetables delivery, you can guarantee that your goods will be transported within the necessary temperature standards. Reach out to us today to arrange your delivery and ensure the freshness of your produce.


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