Ford Transit Connect Reefer Van

Description:  INSIDE DIMS: Length: 66 * Width 48 * Height 48  Back Door DIMS: 48 * 46

Payload: 1700

Transit-connect vans have played a major role in transportation across Europe. Now Zorka Transport LLC is allowing its customers to choose transit-connect vans for a variety of purposes. We have multiple options like rear liftgate vans or rear cargo door vans with full clearance. Along with optimal temperature controls, you can benefit from advanced safety features like controlling the speed and audio. If any driver violates those limits, an alarm will go off and proper actions can be taken. These features can come in handy if a volatile chemical is transported and speed or jerks the road can meddle with the properties of the chemical. These Ford Transit vans are a beast when it comes to performance or handling heavy loads,185 horsepower can easily transport any heavy shipment with ease and its compact structure keeps the product or pallets safe from bumpy roads and hard turns. Picture a minivan maneuvering across crowded roads, Ford-transit vans provide the same luxury meaning your products will reach the destination in a quicker time. If you are a distributer making a brand name, organic customer reviews can help you reach there at a faster rate. Partnering up with Zorka’s will minus the transport hassles and you can focus all your energies and efforts on expanding your business.


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